Bra sizing is notoriously difficult.  Read on to discover a new online sizing calculator women are raving about.

It’s no secret that it’s nearly impossible to find a bra that fits just right.   That’s because most companies still use the “plus four” method – a sizing system that traces back to the 1950’s!

What’s worse is that there is no standardization.  What I think is a “C” cup, what you may think is a C and what Victoria’s Secret says is a C can all be very different.

All of this adds to the confusion and can make it difficult to communicate when it comes time to discuss  your goals for both breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery.

Enter the ” A Bra That Fits” calculator.  This particular calculator is unique because it relies on six measurements, as opposed to the traditional two, to determine your bra size. It asks for a tight, snug, and loose underbust measurements, as well as bust measurements while standing up straight, bending over, and laying down. This accounts for the fact that breast tissue shifts with gravity, but the volume stays the same.

Although the online sizing system has been around since 2010, it’s gotten renewed attention since last month when lingerie model turned lingerie educator Madison Alexandra posted a video showing viewers how two very differently shaped breasts could actually be the same size.

Madison is actually talking about the same concept that Plastic Surgeons use to determine the best implant size for any given patient.  She demonstrates how breasts can have the same volume but very different shapes because their width and projection are different.  So, two women with breasts of the same volume can look very different, and need different bra sizes.

Similarly, the width of the appropriate breast implant needs to match the width of the patient’s breast.  Having said that, for any given width, there are five “profiles” to choose from.  The higher the profile, the more the projection, and the larger the breast will appear.  The various combinations of implant width and projection give Plastic Surgeons the precision to give each patient exactly the look she wants.

Implant sizing has come a long way from the days of shoving sample implants into your bra in the Plastic Surgeon’s office.  We use computer morphing software and the patient’s own photographs to show patients what they would look like with different sized implants.

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