Versa lip filler is quickly becoming our product of choice for lip augmentation.  Here’s why.

Versa filler gives patients 20% more product for the same price.

Versa syringes come filled with 1.2 cc, as opposed to the other hyaluronic fillers that are only 1.0cc.  This keeps patients’ lip filler cost more affordable.

Studies show that Versa injections are associated with less pain and swelling than competitive products.

Some beauty products are introduced to the market without legitimate clinical studies.  The maker of Versa products, Revanesse, deserves credit for resisting this trend.   Their pre-market studies demonstrated the benefits of their product over other injectable fillers.

What can Versa be used for?

Versa is a medium thickness filler so it’s great for most areas of the face.   Indications include augmentation of the under-eye hollows, the nasolabial folds and the lips.

It does not add as much volume as thicker fillers such as Voluma and Radiesse, however.  Therefore, it is less ideal for cheekbone and chin augmentation, when greater volumes are desired.

How long does Versa filler last?

Versa’s longevity is similar to more expensive fillers on the market.  How long it lasts depends on where it’s injected.

As a general rule, the closer to the lips, the shorter a filler will last.  Therefore, injections under the eyes can last as long as one year, whereas nasolabial fold injections will last 6-7 months and lip injections 3-4 months.

How can I make the results last longer?

Great question!  Skinceuticals’ HA intensifier was shown in a 12-week clinical study to have improved skin plumpness, firmness, elasticity, and texture.  Not only does it work well on it’s own, but it also can prolong the lifespan of injectable fillers.  Bonus – it contains licorice root which is known to reduce the appearance of age spots.

Is there a permanent lip filler?

Unfortunately, there is no safe permanent injectable lip filler.  Some practitioners offer “silikon” injections.  I cannot recommend this procedure as the risk of migration of the silicone beyond the lips themselves and the formation of hard lumps precludes the safe injection of this product.  Furthermore, removal of the product may require an extensive surgical procedure as the silikon tends to densely grow into the surrounding lip tissue.

Coversely, lip implants are a viable option for permanent lip augmentation.  They can be inserted in the office under local anesthesia, do not form lumps and can be removed easily if necessary.

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