What is Voluma?  It’s the injectable filler from Juvederm that provides the most volume to the face when compared to other dermal fillers.

How is Voluma Different from Other Juvederm Fillers?

Each variety is designed for a different purpose.  It’s easiest to think of them as soft, medium and thick consistencies.  Volbella is the softest formulation and is ideal for delicate areas such as the under eye depressions and for lip augmentation.  Ultra Plus is used for the nasolabial folds, meaning the depressions that extend from either side of the nose to the corners of the mouth.  Voluma has the thickest consistency and is used to add volume the cheekbones, chin and jawline.

Should I be Concerned About Injecting a Foreign Substance into my Face?

These fillers are made of hyaluronic acid which is already present in our bodies, so it’s not a foreign substance.

Does it Hurt?

Filler injections are more uncomfortable than Botox injections.  The good news is that we use prescription strength topical numbing cream prior to injection.  What’s more, Lidocaine is mixed into the filler itself.

How Long Do Fillers Last?

This depends on two factors – the thickness of the filler and where its injected.  Thicker fillers will last longer.  The more the filler moves around (meaning the closer to the mouth the filler is injected), the quicker it’s absorbed.  For example, Volbella injected into the lips themselves will last only 3-4 months. (This is a big reason why permanent lip fillers are gaining popularity).  Ultra Plus in the lines around the mouth will last between 6 and 7 months.  Because Voluma has the thickest consistency and it does not move at all when placed just superficial to the cheekbones, it can last as long as one year. (The Juvederm reps like to say two years but that has not been my experience).

What if I’m Unhappy with my Results?  Do I Have to Wait an Entire Year?

It would be unusual for patients to be unhappy.  Having said that, the filler remains malleable for at least two weeks so any irregularities can be manually smoothed out during this period.  If appropriate, more filler can be injected.  If these maneuvers are unsuccessful, the ultimate safeguard is that all hyaluronic acid fillers can be dissolved completely away.

I’m Concerned I’ll End up with a Fat Face

We’re not talking about making your face “fat”.  A youthful face has pleasant, not excessive, fullness.  Want an example?  Check out the two photos of Courtney Cox below.  (Sorry Courtney for picking on you).

facial voluma loss replaced with Voluma filler

So, clearly right side Courtney has a thinner face.  Does she look better or worse than left side Courtney?  Even though her face is thinner, she clearly looks older and drawn out.  Her face on the left isn’t “fat”; she has healthy, youthful volume.  It takes experience to know when enough is enough when adding volume with injectable fillers.  That’s my job.

What Other Fillers are Similar to Voluma?

Radiesse filler is similar to Voluma and is also used to augment the cheeks, chin and jawline.  It’s longevity is also similar.  Unlike Voluma, however, because Radiesse is made of calcium spheres, it is not dissolvable.

Are There Alternatives to Facial Fillers?

Permanent enhancement of facial volume can be achieved with facial fat grafting.




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