Lash Lift and Tint

What is it?

It’s a way to curl your eyelashes and make them look more numerous, thicker and darker. 

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How is it Done?

Ashley, our Medical Aesthetician and Certified Lash-Lift Specialist, will apply a silicone guard to your upper eyelid which acts like the rod in a curling iron. Eye-safe chemicals are now applied that first soften, then harden and finally moisturize your lashes so that they take on the shape of the silicone mold. It’s like getting a perm for your eyelashes!

Finally, the ‘tint’ makes your lashes darker and shinier.

Around 5-6 weeks.

How Long Does it Last?

Is There Any Aftercare?

You cannot get your lashes wet for 24hrs – That’s it!

Your lashes can be made even more numerous and darker with the addition of Latisse eyelash serum.

Your peri-lash area can be enhanced with Microblading to shape and darken the nearby eyebrow, Botox to minimize the wrinkles between the eyebrows and at the corners of the eyes, and eyelid surgery or dermal fillers.

What Else Can I Do to Enhance the Appearance of My Lashes?

I always felt I had no lashes until Ashley started taking care of me!

She does a great job helping me look beautiful! I don’t even need mascara and with the summer months coming, that’s a bonus. Seriously who doesn’t want to be gorgeous at the pool.

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Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz

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Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz

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Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz