Developed with safety, durability, and longevity in mind, Radiesse is an FDA approved dermal filler made with very tiny, smooth calcium hydoxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres. These microspheres create a scaffolding effect along which your own body’s collagen grows, producing a desired long-term effect.

Radiesse is available for use in contouring nasolabial folds, marionette lines, cheek augmentation, non-surgical rhinoplasty, jaw line and chin augmentation.

Radiesse can be used for:

  • Nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • Adding volume to the cheeks
  • “Non-surgical” rhinoplasty
  • Jaw line and cheek augmentation

What can I expect after Radiesse Treatment?

Results will be visible immediately after your injections. Due to some minor swelling, you may look a little fuller than you expect, but this will improve rapidly over the next few days.

If you experience mild swelling or bruising from any type of injection, ice or cold packs can help to minimize swelling or discomfort. You can generally apply makeup over the treated area immediately.

One of the most powerful combination treatments involves the simultaneous use of Botox™ and facial fillers like Juvederm™ or Radiesse. With this combination treatment, a “liquid face lift” may be achieved. Deeply “etched” lines that persist despite Botox™ treatment may be improved even further with the addition of a filler. More superficial lines may benefit from skin resurfacing procedures including laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels.

What other cosmetic treatments may be combined with Radiesse?

How long does Radiesse last?

Due to its increased thickness and stimulation of collagen growth, Radiesse typically lasts longer than hyaluronic acid fillers. Results from Radiesse injections typically last at least a year when administered to the smile lines and may last as long as 15 months when injected elsewhere.

There are several different fillers on the market. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Juvederm™ and Restylane are made of hyaluronic acid and have a medium consistency. Radiesse is a thicker product made from tiny calcium spheres. Due to its consistency, Juvederm™ is the ideal product for correcting relatively superficial wrinkles and filling subtle contour deformities. Conversely, Radiesse is better suited to filling deeper wrinkles and correcting more profound facial folds and contours.

How does Radiesse differ from other fillers?

How is Radiesse administered?

Like all modern filler products, Radiesse is completely biocompatible and does not require allergy testing. Fillers are administered using a very fine needle and the procedure can be completed either with topical anesthesia or with a local anesthetic block.

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