Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is designed to enhance the size and shape of your breasts through the placement of implants. Like all procedures performed by Dr. Horowitz, breast augmentation is completely tailored to your individual needs and goals. The type and size of implants, as well as the incision placement will vary, based on your needs and desires.

Breast Augmentation Candidates

You may be a suitable breast augmentation candidate if you feel your breasts are too small or if you want your breasts to be more proportional to the rest of your figure. Many women who undergo breast augmentation after pregnancy benefit from breast augmentation in combination with breast lift surgery.

Baltimore breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Horowitz meets with all potential candidates for a surgical consultation. During your consultation, he will ask you about your goals and expectations of the surgery, and he will explain the procedure in detail. Dr. Horowitz meets with every patient at least twice before surgery to make sure all questions are answered and he feels comfortable moving forward.

Dr. Horowitz uses your photos and 3-D technology during your consultation to produce postoperative simulations so you can see what you will look like after surgery with different size and shape implants.

Saline vs. Silicone Implants

The type of implant that you choose for your breast enhancement should be based on your body type, your cosmetic goals and Dr. Horowitz’s recommendations. He will help you weigh the pros and cons of each option before making your decision.

Saline implants are filled with a saltwater solution, surrounded by a silicone rubber shell. If a saline implant were to leak or rupture, the saltwater solution would quickly and safely absorb into the body. It would be almost immediately noticeable that rupture had occurred. Saline implants can be placed through very small incisions because they are filled after the shell has been placed.

Silicone implants are filled with a “cohesive” — meaning thick — silicone gel material, contained in a silicone rubber shell. After years of careful study, silicone implants were definitively declared as safe and have been FDA-approved for cosmetic use.

Silicone implants feel very similar to natural breast tissue. Because they are pre-filled, silicone implants require slightly larger incisions. Also, silicone breast implant candidates must be at least 22 years old.

Round implants provide the most fullness to the upper part of the breast. By contrast, teardrop shaped implants produce a more gradual slope up to the height of the breast.  The difference is most noticeable in thinner patients with smaller breasts.  Dr. Horowitz will help you decide which shape is right for you.

Round vs. Shaped Implants

What Happens During Surgery?

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure. You will receive general anesthesia so you remain comfortable during surgery.

Dr. Horowitz begins by making surgical incisions in one of several patterns:

  • Underneath the crease of the breast
  • Underneath the nipple/areola
  • Within the armpit

Through the incisions, Dr. Horowitz will carefully create a pocket for each implant, either above or beneath the pectoralis muscle. Then, he will insert the implants through the incisions and position them in the pockets. Finally, Dr. Horowitz closes the incisions with absorbable sutures.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Your breasts will feel sore and swollen immediately following your procedure. During the first few days of your recovery, Dr. Horowitz advises you refrain from bending, lifting or any physical strain. It’s best to rest as much as possible. You will be able to return to work and your normal routine when your pain allows, which may be as soon as three days after your surgery.  Dr. Horowitz will meet with you for several follow-up appointments to check your healing progress.

Dr. Horowitz uses a long-acting local anesthetic during the surgery that will significantly decrease your pain for the first three days postoperatively.

Any surgical procedure requiring an incision will leave behind a scar. Fortunately, breast augmentation scars are minimal and go largely unnoticed. Dr. Horowitz uses great care when planning and making the incisions. With the proper post-operative incision care, scars will fade significantly.

Breast Implant Scars

Natural Breast Augmentation Results

Dr. Horowitz favors techniques that produce natural-looking results. What looks beautiful and natural depends on your body type and frame. For example, if you have a very small frame with little natural breast tissue, placing large breast implants in front of the chest muscle may produce unnatural results. In that scenario, Dr. Horowitz would recommend using a smaller implant and placing it behind the chest muscle for more coverage. On the other hand, if you have a robust frame, Dr. Horowitz may recommend larger implants proportionate to your body.

The cost of your breast augmentation surgery will depend on several factors, including the type of breast implants you choose, and whether breast lift is included in your operation. We cannot quote breast augmentation cost without learning more about your needs and goals. After consulting with you and determining your individual treatment plan, our team will provide an individualized price quote. We will also explain breast implant financing options.

Breast Augmentation Cost

Dr. Horowitz invites you to browse his breast augmentation before and after photo gallery. As you can see, he has performed surgery on women with different body types, ages and with different aesthetic goals. These photographs should give you a better idea of Dr. Horowitz’s typical work and results.

Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

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If you are curious about breast augmentation, but are not ready to come in for a consultation, we invite you to use our new online consultation form. This service is accessed by clicking on the pop-up box in the right lower corner of the website. This allows you to send us your questions and even upload photos and videos. Dr. Horowitz will review the information and get back to you with his recommendations and a price quote for the proposed surgery. All information is secure and the entire process is done anonymously.

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