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As we age, the face naturally loses some of its underlying structure, and gravity pulls the skin downward. A facelift can be an excellent approach to dealing with these issues, and can help your appearance on the outside match your attitude toward life on the inside.

When done well, face lift surgery provides better definition of your features and a fresher, livelier appearance without an artificial look. It has become a very popular surgical procedure for improving visible signs of aging in the face and neck. The procedure is adapted to meet your individual goals, because not all face lift techniques are right for every patient. Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz is well-versed in several face lift procedures including those that limit the amount of scarring and the use of the endoscope.

Who is a good candidate for a Face Lift?

An ideal candidate for a facelift has:

  • Moderate to deep signs of aging in the lower third of the face
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Deep wrinkles and prominent “smile lines”
  • Excessive jowling
  • Loose neck skin

How is Face Lift Surgery performed?

Face lift surgery techniques continually develop and advance with time. Modern facelift techniques rely less on simply removing excess skin and more on shaping the underlying facial structures.

The full face lift procedure requires an incision starting in the hair within the temporal scalp, continues in front of the ear, curving around the bottom of the ear and follows the back of the ear to end within the hair behind the ear. A “short scar” facelift is well-suited to patients with minimal neck laxity, and limits the incision to the front of the ear. For patients with early signs of aging, a purely endoscopic approach can rejuvenate the face without any visible incisions at all.

Face lifts are often combined with other facial procedures, including eyelid surgery and browlift. These are complimentary procedures that can complete and harmonize your facial rejuvenation. Botox™ and fillers can also add the finishing touch to complete your makeover.

A facelift can certainly help you look your best, but it will not last forever. In general, patients usually feel that gravity and aging continue to have their effects and request to have another tightening procedure after 10 or more years.

A complication-free recovery begins before surgery, by discontinuing the use of alcohol and tobacco. Tobacco affects the blood supply to the skin, complicating the body’s healing process. Recovery times will vary by person, taking as little as ten days or up to a month. Keeping the head elevated is generally advised as well as the use of cold packs in order to keep the swelling down. Dr. Horowitz will prescribe a pain medication to alleviate any pain or discomfort.

How long does it take to recover from a Face Lift?

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