Permanent Lip Augmentation

What are permanent lip implants?

Lip implants are silicone implants that are inserted into the upper and lower lips to improve their size and shape.  Modern implants are very smooth and resist tissue ingrowth so they can be removed easily, if desired.  The silicone is very soft and provides a natural feel.

Why are Lip Implants Better than Juvederm™ Injections?

Lip augmentation has become one of the most requested in-office procedures.  Traditionally, Juvederm injectable filler has been the procedure of choice.  The main drawback of this procedure is that the filler dissolves away, and the results typically last only between 3 and 6 months.  Lip implants provides a permanent alternative to periodic filler injections.

Lip implants are inserted in the office under local anesthesia using tiny unnoticeable incisions near the corners of the mouth.

Do I have to go to sleep to get lip implants?

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